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Working Capital Finance

Running a successful business is challenging especially when one’s focus is on getting funds into place – instead of the business in hand. In order ensure that you and your business focus on your core potential we at WWF offer comprehensive and integrated working capital finance services. This can be made available through modes such as trade credit, cash credit, working capital loan, bank guarantee, bill-discounting etc.
Different Modes through which we provide Working Capital Finance to Customers.

  • Fund Based Working Capital Finance
  1. Cash Credit :
    A running account facility that can be extended for a short period of time and will be reviewed regularly. For this mode; banks generally help in lending money against any stock or debt, while the borrower is assured with the money is available any time – he/she only pays interest on the money utilised. An account closure can be initiated once the amount is totally repaid.
  2. Bank Overdraft :
    The most productive fund that is used by all small and big businesses. In this particular amount limit is sanctioned for utilizing the payments. The one thing a borrower should make sure is that it should not cross the sanctioned limit.
  • Non- Fund Based Working Capital Finance
  1. Bank Guarantee :
    A non-fund based working capital – a bank guarantee in simple terms is a guarantee given by the bank on the behalf of the buyer to cover the risk of the seller if the payment from the buyer is not honoured. The bank takes complete responsibility of the seller and charges a commission from the seller as a form of security.
  2. Letter of Credit :
    Through letter of credit the buyer can make the bank pay the seller on his behalf as per the agreed performance of work and later the buyer can return the amount to bank.

Eligibility For Working Capital Finance

  • Working Capital Loans = Financial assessment & Valuation of property provided as security
  • Age limit 18 - 70 years for Working Capital Loan. However, some banks Have different age limits for self-employed and self-employed professionals
  • Sole proprietorship, Partnerships, Private and Public Limited Companies are eligible for Working Capital Finance.
  • Working Capital Finance can be arranged for new business entities also.

Documents Required For Working Capital Finance

Self Employed

  • Filled Application form
  • Applicant & Co-Applicant KYC : Pan Card, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passport, Residence Electricity Bill of Promoter/ Partners/ Directors.
  • Proof of Business: PAN for Partnership & Pvt Ltd, Partnership Deed in Case Of Partnership Firms, MOA & AOA with Incorporation Certificate for Pvt Ltd Firm, Shop Act Licence, UAN Certificate, GST Certificate, VAT Certificate, TIN Certificate.
  • Proof of Income: IT Returns with Computation of Income , Balance Sheet with Audit Report for last 3 years along certified by CA.
  • Banking: Last 12-months bank statement for operative account both professional and business.
  • Previous Loan Sanction Letters and 1 Year GSTR3B Challans.

Property Documents for Self Employed:

Copies of all property documents of the concern property that you chose to pledge for the loan:

  • Registered Agreement,
  • Copy of Approved Sanction Plan
  • NA Order
  • 7/12 Extract
  • Property Development Agreement
  • Title Search Report
  • Commencement Certificate
  • Completion Certificate

The Business Loan is an unsecured amount that can be availed as loan. The minimum range of loan is 5 lakhs and the maximum amount of loan is 30 lakhs:
  • Private Limited Company
  • Public Limited Company
  • Sole Proprietorship Firm
  • Partnership Firm
The interest rate for is based on the assessment of the business profile, financial records of the company, the past track record of the company as well as the tenure of the loan.
There are flexible collateral options that are available through us for availing Working Capital Finance. We accept Residential/Commercial /Industrial Property as well as liquid securities as a form of collateral.
Yes, a proper standard credit check is carried out by our law firm partner.
It generally takes upto 4-5 working days to get the working capital finance loan approved after checking and verifying the documents.
The repayment of the loan can easily be done through EMI(Equated Monthly Instalment), standing back transactions as well as through cheques.
The fees for the same as per the industry standards and vary from industry to industry.
Generally, the tenure can be extended for a period of around 1 year depending upon the amount which is taken as working capital finance.
The overdraft facility is actually taken against the debt or stocks and is actually a limit to be charged as the sanctioned limit.
Banks Name Interest rate Processing fees
Andhra Bank MCLR Rate + Applicable Bank Rates 1%  + GST
Bank Of Baroda MCLR Rate + Applicable Bank Rates 1%  + GST
Canara Bank MCLR Rate + Applicable Bank Rates 1%  + GST
South Indian Bank MCLR Rate + Applicable Bank Rates 1%  + GST
Axis Bank Ltd 10.50% 1%  + GST
Detusche Bank 10.00% 1%  + GST
HDFC Bank Ltd 9.50% 1%  + GST
ICICI Bank Ltd 10% 1%  + GST
IDFC Bank First Ltd 10.50% 1%  + GST
Indusind Bank Ltd. 12.25% 1%  + GST
Kotak Mahindra Bank 10% 1%  + GST
Ratnakar Bank Ltd 10.50% 1%  + GST
Standard Chartered Bank 9.50% 1%  + GST
Tata Capital Financial Servicees Ltd. 10.50% 1%  + GST
Yes Bank 9.50% 1%  + GST
NKGSB 11% 1%  + GST
SVS Co. Op. Bank 12% 1%  + GST
Abhyudaya Co. Op Bank 13% 1%  + GST
IFCI 12% 1%  + GST
STCI Finance 11% 1%  + GST